E=Quality™ CBD is a global CBD products brand that has USDA Certified Organic products. It’s our mission to give our customers the very best quality products while making the world a better place for us all to live. That’s why a portion of every sale will be going back to charity. We are a minority owned company and we recognize that there are issues in the world that need attention and we want to give back to support charitable organizations that are out to make a difference in the world. We believe we are all created equal and equality is what brings us as a people together.

Mission Statement: “Spreading Health, Love & Unity”

Spreading Health- We believe that this is an alternative to big pharma and that there is an all natural and safe way to heal the human body. We believe that medicine is grown in the ground and shouldn’t be addictive.

Spreading Love- We believe by launching all natural USDA Certified Organic Products we are spreading Love to a hurting world. We recognize that people are hurting and not well informed about the pain meds they are putting into their bodies along with the long term health effects. We see how this is affecting minorities in underprivileged neighborhoods across the world.

Unity- We believe that our products and giving back can all come together as one. We believe we can help this hurting world to better understand each other.

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