CBD for Anxiety

CBD for Anxiety

It is quite common that we feel a pounding heart, racing thoughts, and sweaty palms. These are all indications of an anxiety attack. Anxiety has become the most common mental health problem in the 21st century. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 1 in 13 people across the planet have to live with anxiety issues. It is a critical issue, which is often neglected for the sake of taboos and social stigmas. However, in some extreme cases, it could also lead to life-threatening situations.

There are so many pharmaceutical drugs that help people in reducing their anxiety issues. Some of them might provide instant relief. However, the majority of such drugs leave serious side effects like headaches, drowsiness, agitation, insomnia, etc.

CBD or Cannabidiol recently caught everyone’s attention in the last decade or so. It is proving to be great alternative medicine for treating anxiety issues.

CBD for Anxiety Treatment

So many clinical studies on CBD have shown its capabilities for treating anxiety disorders. There is so much evidence to prove that CBD has therapeutic qualities. In a study conducted in Japan (2019), there were 37 teenagers with anxiety issues. Each of them was given a dose of 300mg CBD oil or a placebo each day for 4 weeks. They were given various surveys to measure their anxiety and mood swing symptoms. The study was successful as CBD helped the teens to reduce the symptoms related to anxiety disorder. The anti-anxiety chemical properties of CBD really worked to provide relief to the teens. Usually, drugs like Paroxetine are used to treat such conditions. Moreover, 9 out of 17 teenagers involved in the study had already made their mind to seek for professional help for the treatment. People rarely seek professional help due to the orthodox stigmas and taboos associated with the condition.

There are various other studies, which also have similar results and came to the conclusion that CBD is a great alternative medication. Now if you are curious about using CBD oil to reduce your anxiety issues, then proper knowledge is very important. You have to know the various advantages and disadvantages of various forms of consuming CBD. This will help you to determine, which form would be suitable for your unique needs.

What about the Dosage?

If read the blog, then you might have read that those teens in the Japanese study were given a dosage of 300mg CBD every day. However, in other studies, different quantities of dosage were given. The majority of the clinicians and researchers have come to the conclusion that there’s no universal recommended dosage for CBD. The FDA is still researching and experimenting to learn CBD. This would help them to regulate it. However, none of this means that the consumption of CBD is unsafe in any way. If you are interested in consuming CBD in any form, then it would be better to have an informed and cautious decision.

Tips to Consider Dosage:

These are some of the basic things that you should consider when deciding your CBD dosage:

  • BMI
  • Metabolism Rate
  • Concentration of CBD (it is usually mentioned in percentage and milligrams)
  • Severity of your anxiety

 There are several more factors that might affect the recommended dosage for your body. Your body’s natural chemistry can also affect the way you respond to CBD.

CBD for Anxiety

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